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See How We Work
We've put together a few videos to demonstrate some of our mail room operation. Select from the list of video choices to see our staff in action.

Fasprint offers fulfillment services. With our 250 plus workers we have the capabilities of stuffing just about anything inside your envelope, package, box, carton, tube, folder, basket, bag, or bucket such as pens, candy, coins, swatches, samples, ribbons and other items that you require. Gluing, paper clipping or any attaching of items by hand is available. We also assemble small to medium size parts.

Many special capabilities with reasonable prices:
Post-it note attachment, address envelopes in special color inks, laser or inkjet, using customized fonts and sizes, personalize the piece throughout with any variable including first and last name, self-mailers, oversized cards and envelopes, all kinds of lumpy mail in any shape or size. Also, Fasprint can furnish residential and business lists available by any demographic needed (geographic location/courier route, gender, age, zip code, household income, number of children). Also provides all list cleaning services such as: NCOA, CASS Certification, de-duping, 911 conversion, phone verify, match mailings, complex variable data, Brown Bag Mailer, Handwritten Legal Pad Letter, The Pop-Up Certificate, Hand Torn Magazine Tear Sheets and lots more! Handwork, including stuffing and lumpy mail, is extremely reasonable. Design services are also available.

Added Bonus:
Complete, high-volume commercial print with prices substantially less than any franchise shop. Bound or glued booklets, tablets, coupons, gift certificates, layaway tags and more. Fasprint also makes interior and exterior signage, window decals, banners, up to 42" wide (wider in panels) etc. Do yourself a favor and have Fasprint quote your next marketing piece. They understand the need to keep costs low so you can mail more often. Prices and quality are exceptional and the customer service is the absolute best we've ever experienced in the printing field. There is no sales tax (unless your office is located in New York), so this savings alone will pay for shipment back to you. Short runs (under 5,000 pieces) on full color postcards and sales letters are substantially less than anywhere else. Fasprint can do all of your personalized/customized pieces as well as your standard mail staying right on top of the mailing until it is delivered to the post office.

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