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See How We Work
We've put together a few videos to demonstrate some of our mail room operation. Select from the list of video choices to see our staff in action.

Customized MarketMail

New customizable MarketMail allows you to unleash your creative impulse and create truly unique direct mail!

This new Standard Mail™ option enables you to mail any shape- no matter how curved or wavy. Stand out in the mailbox with round, oblong or square shapes or even model your mailer's shape after your product-- like a truck, computer or hamburger.

Also, MarketMail allows you to utilize a variety of materials so you may create durable, high impact designs without the need of an envelope.

Don't wait! Develop your mailer directly to your target market and make a major impression.

Call Fasprint or your local post office today for complete details.

postitRepositionable Notes
Repositionable notes let you affix a message to the outside envelope of your Direct Mail pieces, calling attention to your product or service and inviting customers to look inside.

Now use repositionable notes on your direct mail! The US Postal Service now offers the use of Repositionable Notes, those great notes with a strip of low-tack glue on the top edge, on your mail. This allows you to capture your customers' attention and increase response to your mailing.
This service is offered with no additional postage or special handling is required.

Create a coupon that stands out or a reminder with your phone number that customers can stick near the phone.

Repositionable notes move along with the normal mail stream and are firmly affixed, so there isn't a chance that they can fall off. The notes are applied mechanically and not by hand.

A study by an outside vendor* reports they increased response by as much as 37%.

Repositionable notes can be any color, but shall not contain phosphorescent or red fluorescent colorants. They are square in shape and measure 3" x 3".

Sound incredible? It is! Call Fasprint or your local post office today and inquire about respositionable notes and how to follow Domestic Mail Manual requirements. (Section DMM C810).

*Results are from an initial test done by an outside vendor for the Postal Service™. This test reflects the actual results as reported. They may not reflect or predict your mailing results, and are not a guarantee of future performance.

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