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Fasprint can furnish residential and business lists available by any demographic needed (geographic location/courier route, gender, age, zip code, household income, number of children). Also provides all list cleaning services such as: NCOA, CASS Certification, de-duping and 911 conversion.

Fasprint is a list broker, that is, we provide free list research and consultations utilizing various resources to locate applicable outside lists and acts as a liaison between you the mailer and the owners or managers of the list. We have access to over 19,000 listings including business and consumer lists in 200 plus market classifications. We have put together some of the types of lists we provide. List Services- Types of Lists

Resident/Occupant Lists- This is a list that includes all post office boxes, city routes, rural routes and other route address. This is the best list for a saturation mailing. You may select all addresses in a zip code, addresses in specific mail delivery routes. Lists are addressed to "OCCUPANT," instead of containing the name of the individual at that address. You can select or eliminate post office boxes, apartments and single family homes with this list. The response rate to this type of list is very poor.

Resident by Name (Consumer Lists)- This list is compiled by merging more than one-and-a half- billion records from many sources: White page Telephone Directories, Auto Registration, Credit Information, Mail Order Buyers/Responders, Magazine Subscribers and many others. These lists frequently provide the best means of reaching large groups of specific audiences. For example, you can rent compiled lists of all doctors in New York. The response rate is much better than 'Occupant' lists but not as strong as 'Response' lists.

Response List- These are list of proven mail order buyers. Mail order offers usually get the best return through mailings to 'Response' lists of buyers who have purchased a similar product in the same price range.

Donor Lists- Used primarily by fundraisers, these lists contain the names of people who have contributed money to charities and nonprofit organizations.

Attendee/Membership/Seminar Lists- These lists contain the names of individuals who have attended a specific trade show or industry event, belonged to an industry association or professional group, or paid for seminar participation.

Subscription Lists- These lists are of people who have subscriptions to magazines and other publications. These are some of the best and largest types of lists.
Credit Card Holders Lists- These names are useful because the prospect can respond to your offer using a credit card.

Opt-In Email List- This is a new and growing area of lists. 'Opt-In' is permission email. People have actually said "Yes" to receive information about products or services because they're actually interested in learning about them. This is a way to match your services or product to consumers' categories of interest.

Business List- These lists are compiled from public sources including incorporation and DBA records, Yellow and Business White Pages, Annual reports, 10-Ks, other SEC Information, Business magazines, Newsletters and Top Newspapers Postal Service Information and other sources. All this information is telephone verified with each business. This is a continual process involving over 16 million calls per year.

Business Lists can be selected by:

  • Type of Business
  • Yellow Page Heading
  • SIC Code (Standard Industrial Classification Coding System)
  • Estimated Sales Volume
  • Number of Employees
  • Geographic Area
  • Geographic Radius
  • Title of Executive
  • Franchise, Brand or Professional Specialty
  • Combination of any and all the above.
Business Profiles/Credit Report- This is an enhanced view of a company. In addition to finding basic information on companies, we provide you with the business name, address, telephone and fax number, credit rating code, key executive names and titles, primary and secondary lines of business, number of employees, estimated sales volume, years in business and competitors.

Credit Reports - This report shows detailed payment history and public information such as bankruptcies, judgments and UCC filings.
Format- We provide our lists on disks with either one-time use or one-year unlimited use. No list furnished by Fasprint may be used by anyone other than the original mailer. All lists are seeded with decoy names to protect against unauthorized use; violators will be charge for list.

List Counts- Counts are updated daily and may be subject to change.

List Cost- Due to the many options available in selecting your list, it is virtually impossible to show prices. We base our pricing on some of the following factors: quantity needed, information desired and type of list requested.

Minimum Orders- Other than Resident by Name and Business list, a 5,000-name minimum.

Sample Mail Piece-
Approved sample mail piece required for certain lists. The approval is needed before lists can be rented. Lists can be shipped in a number of ways: electronic transfer, next day shipping and ground shipping. Minimum shipping and handling is $25.00.

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