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Are your menus...
Would you want to hold something in a eating establishment that has food, coffee and other unthinkable stains?

Many restaurants think they get a new menu from a copier. Not so; it makes it look like you run on a shoestring and where else are you cutting back?

Written on?
A sure sign your menu has too many miles on it.

Produced by the owner on a computer?
The cost of paper, ink cartridge and a less than a professional look may cost you costumers. The biggest expense is your time. Time and lots of it spent behind a computer that could be spent on customer service and marketing. Computer time will cost you costumers.

Fasprint has come up with a program where you can get new printed menus with jackets, at absolutely no cost to you. Not a form menu, but a menu that is customized to your restaurant, and updated to reflect a successful eatery at no cost whatsoever to you.

Fasprint's Advertising Menus & Placemats are absolutely free!
Included with your free menus is you free inclusion on our menu website www.fasprintmenus.com

10 Reasons Why You Should Have Advertising Menus

10) It's Free!!! You save hundreds of dollars.
9) We contact over 200 local businesses by phone and mention your restaurant name, That's free advertising for you, and more sales for you.
8) All advertisers will usually visit the restaurant to see their ad. In turn they will have your fare, and more sales for you.
7) Take out menus are a great tool to promote your restaurant at local motels & hotels, and more sales for you.
6) Your Chamber of Commerce will love to include your menus in their welcome wagon promotion, that is more sales for you.
5) The community will love you for supporting local businesses, that is more sales for you.
4) The businesses will love you by giving them the opportunity to advertise on your menu, that is more sales for you.
3) Advertising menus create new jobs in your community, with more cash flow around, that is more sales for you.
2) No work for you. We do it all, absolutely free.
1) It's a win-win situation, You get free menus and more sales. The businesses get advertising and more sales. Fasprint creates more full time local jobs, and that is more sales for you.

Give us a call at
[518 483-4631]
We're alocal people doing business with local people, and would be happy to sit down with you to design and layout your new menu.

What a great way to promote your restaurant with these Free 2500 Collectors Menus!

  • Give them to your patrons to take home with them so they are reminded of your establishment on a daily basis
  • Place them in local Motels & Hotels to attract new businesses from out of town.
  • Drop them off at your local convenience stores to fill your restaurant with new local patrons.
  • Send them to your Chamber of Commerce so they may use them with their welcome package to new residents.
  • Bring them to local offices to increase your lunch revenues.
  • Reduce the theft of your regular menus.
How do you qualify to get 2500 Collectors Menus Free?
It's simple all you need to do is fill out the referral sheet with your associates names and number, Send us a present copy of your menu, your logo (color) a local phone book with yellow pages and any local advertising type of free paper. Upon receiving your information we will call and review it with you and make an instant decision. Only the top rated restaurants will be accepted. So if you have one of the best restaurant in the area and would like to be considered for the 5000 Free Collectors Menus before your competitor, send us your information today.

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