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See How We Work
We've put together a few videos to demonstrate some of our mail room operation. Select from the list of video choices to see our staff in action.

.Fasprint has been providing full color guest directories to hotels and motels across the nation since 1984. The directories are provided at no cost to the hotel. Local businesses that advertise in the directories cover the cost of printing and our administrative costs. The hotel simply provides the rooms for the guest directories. Our artists take the hotel's requested information and the advertising and compile the directory. This can be in various forms, depending on the type of contract. The directory is then printed, and shipped to the hotel.

Fasprint can provide your hotel or motel with quality full color guest service directories at no charge.

Participating hotels are required to enter a 2 year contract with Fasprint, provide a complimentary sleeping room for our representative each year, and grant exclusive rights to hotel in-room advertising, front desk advertising, key card advertising and phone/TV log advertising.

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