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See How We Work
We've put together a few videos to demonstrate some of our mail room operation. Select from the list of video choices to see our staff in action.

Here is your opportunity to increase your standard of living 10 fold. Even if your are a restaurant owner or manager that is very busy. This solid oak and glass light menu board is a gorgeous piece of furniture that is hand crafted by the finest craftsmen in this country. This is your chance to promote your daily special to increase sales on one well made, appealing menu board (NOT PLASTIC). This solid oak and glass light menu board measures approximately 47" wide X 28' tall X 5" thick. Using neon markers available at your local office supply store, you can easily wipe them clean with a damp cloth and change your daily specials. This is a great way to display and promote your fare of the day. Now, here is how you make big bucks in your spare time: you sell the menu board's (6) advertising spots. A full size color advertisement (8" X 10") on each daily specials board sells for $500.00. By selling each of the six spots equals over $3000.00 a year in revenue that's all yours- no commissions to pay out. Your restaurant patrons that own businesses will love to see their full color advertisement on your solid oak & glass light menu board- the spot you sold to them! Every one loves to see their name in print, heck they will be asking you if they can be on your menu board. Now don't worry if your not a graphic artist we can set the ads up for you, send proof to your customers and print the ads out for you, all you need to do is insert the adds in the easy slide in slot. No tools required. We will even supply you with sample adds to show potential advertisers.

What's more is once you've established your menu board, then you can create your own free menu board business and supply menu boards to your fellow restaurateurs. At cost to you of only a few dollars a year, you supply them with free menu boards, then sell their advertising spots in addition to your own! So let's break it down: Rent another menu board (at between $100 and $500 a year), then sell ad space it contains (6 spots X $500.00 each per year)- that's another $3000 of revenue a year. And this is NOT A ONE TIME SHOT, these advertisements renew every year so it's an on going fortune. Supply 20 menu boards and their advertising and you're making over $60,000 a year for the rest of your life! And we're there every step of the way. We will help you with any necessary information to help you develop this business. One person can sell and service about 18 advertisers a week working full time (about 3 restaurants a week). We service several hundred restaurants a year in a 150 mile radius so we are never far away from home. Here is your chance to earn a few thousand dollars with one unit or several thousand dollars with 20 or more solid oak and glass light menu boards. New and used units available. All come with 6 full color ads. Call 518-483-4631. (New $900 ea.) (Used $700 ea.) All credit cards accepted. You pay shipping.

Lobby Boards
Help local businesses reach tourists with a lobby board for Hotel, Motel and Restaurant lobbies. A "Board" with a map and ads of local businesses mounted on a lobby wall creates a great tool for tourists and a great opportunity for you!

Tourists have money and are looking for places to spend it. They're looking for:
•Places to eat
•Gifts and souvenirs
•Real estate info
•Beauty and nail salons
•Service stations
•Auto repair
•Clothing stores

All these businesses are good prospects for ad space on the Lobby Boards and it's proven that they will pay $500 a year to be on these boards. Now the good part is that of these advertisements, over 80% will renew every year- so this is an on going fortune year after year.

18 Advertisers pay you $500 for 12 months.
Go into any motel and look around the lobby. See what info is available for tourists. You'll probably see a rack of pamphlets. Imagine what a large map of local attractions would add!

We can show you how to get permission from the motels to install your boards and how to get advertisers. (Usually takes one person 2 weeks to get 18 advertisers) You simply show one of the Lobby Boards to potential clients and they either take a space or they don't.

You then make up the ads for the boards and install them. Don't worry if your not a graphic artist, we can set the ads up for you, send proofs to your customers and print the ads for you. All you need to do is insert the ads in the easy-to-slide slot. The cost is only $50 per ad and you can charge your advertiser this set up charge.

"Starter Kit" includes:
•Marketing Manual
•How To Get Restaurants and Motels to call you for the boards
•All forms and lay out Information needed.
•How to get advertisers to pay up to $800 a yr. for a space on the boards
•Restaurants and Motels and advertiser agreements
•Actual full color sample ads
•2 Menu Boards
•PLUS....Life time consultation via email or phone

Menu and Lobby Boards Starter Kit for $1699.

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